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CBD Vape, Edibles And More

We have decided to partner with some awesome CBD companies and start offering a lot of new products.

CBD has become an important part of life for so many is why we made this decision.

A lot of our vape pens are on sale also!

From Gummies… to vape oil and more 

just click on the photo to buy now!


Have a great weekend 


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New Colors In Stock!

Fresh new inventory has arrived at CBD JACK

With all the new CBD vape juice now available all you need is a good vape pen

The Mini CE3 is now available in lots of colors.

Mini CE3
Mini ce3 Vape Kit with 1 ml cartridge and wireless charger.

We are a one stop shop… Need a battery? We have them.

Need cartridges or chargers? We have what you need.

Glass Cartridge
Vape battery charger
5V,120mA Vape battery charger

Need a Carry case? We have a really nice one made just for CBD Jack. It even has a refill bottle! Check out the compact case too.

Fast and reliable service with Free shipping from the USA!

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Black Friday Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you all have a really great day!

To show our appreciation for all the sales this year and all the support I receive on social media Its time foe a sale.

Don’t miss out, While supplies last I have the Mini CE3 on sale in a retail zippered case. The plastic cases also.

Many other items are on sale.

As always Free Shipping.


mini ce3

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Mini CE3 Back in Black & Site Wide Sale!

.                                              ~~~SALE~~~

Fresh new inventory.

Black Mini CE3 in a retail box or buy a zipper case with a refil bottle, we have the CE3 in a hard case too!

Check out the Mini CE3 with metal mouth piece, Glass cartridge in a hard case!

Ego T kit, Blow out sale 5.99 !

Mini CE3
Mini ce3 Vape Kit in black with
1 ml cartridge and wireless charger.



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Holiday Sale and Contest

I hope you all are getting ready for the holidays!
We are almost to the west coast of Florida.
It won’t be long and we will be joining the relief effort for the hurricane victims.
It’s been a long but fun and eventful trip to say the least.
I really appreciate all the sales while we have been Traviling, it helps more than you know.

So, with that said… I have started another contest!
Don’t miss out it only goes until Christmas.
Win a Vape kit in a zipper case with a refill bottle, charger and a 1.6 ml cartridge. To get in on the contest just hop on over to and click on the rewards tab.

Also I am putting on sale all the Mini CE3 colored pens.
If you are looking for yourself or a Christmas present now is the time while they are on sale. Limited quantities available.

Thanks again for all the support!

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Jack’s Traviling to Florida to join a relief group!

So it’s getting super cold here, I decided to put my sailboat back in the water. It was on land, in the boat yard, and I worked on it as time would allow. I got a lot done and the rest I will work on during the trip.

I thought if I sail down I won’t be a burden on the housing issue. With solar panels pumping juice into the batteries, a hotspot for Internet, and a heating blanket I should be good to go.

The first leg of the trip I got beat up pretty good but I made it to Elizabeth City, NC. Still cold, but not like home for sure.

I brought along a large amount of supplies to keep the website running as I may need to make a few sales lol

I have a postage printer on board, lots of mailers, and water proof boxes to keep all the parts in perfect condition.

So far I have been able to make all shipments on the same day finding a mail box or post office a long the way. One order I did have to walk 2 miles there and back but I made it on time!

So if you order I will make sure your order is packed and shipped as usual. I am going to make a two day crossing leaving on Sunday and then I will be back in the intercostal waterway and it will be business as usual. If you order I will print a label with a tracking number and send you the info, please know I will make it to the post office to ship orders promptly.

Thank you all for the support and helping my website grow you all are awesome!




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Mini CE3 Giveaway!

Mini CE3

Chances are good you could be the winner of my Mini CE3 kit giveaway!

Free shipping and it’s free and easy to enter.

Just head over to and click the rewards tab.

This is my way of saying thank you to all of you that have supported my website. I really appreciate it.

Don’t miss out only 8 days left!

Have a great weekend,
PS. I have a good sale going on, my most popular items have been marked down.