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Mini CE3 Giveaway!

Mini CE3

Chances are good you could be the winner of my Mini CE3 kit giveaway!

Free shipping and it’s free and easy to enter.

Just head over to and click the rewards tab.

This is my way of saying thank you to all of you that have supported my website. I really appreciate it.

Don’t miss out only 8 days left!

Have a great weekend,
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4 thoughts on “Mini CE3 Giveaway!

  1. How do I fill my tank on my new cb3. No directions came with it.

    1. Filling the mini ce3 is pretty simple:

      1. Give the mouthpeice a little twist then pull apart
      2. Pull the little plug – don’t drop it, you’ll be putting it back in.
      3. Fill the cartridge taking care to put the oil in the hole and avoiding overflow into the air intake on the side.
      4. Replace the plug and Snap the mouthpeice back on

      Don’t forget to charge your ce3 Batteries before your first use, it helps with the life of the battery to start with a solid charge!

      Happy Vaping!

  2. are the little plugs available?

    1. Those are not available separately, you would have to buy a cartridge.


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