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Jack’s Traviling to Florida to join a relief group!

So it’s getting super cold here, I decided to put my sailboat back in the water. It was on land, in the boat yard, and I worked on it as time would allow. I got a lot done and the rest I will work on during the trip.

I thought if I sail down I won’t be a burden on the housing issue. With solar panels pumping juice into the batteries, a hotspot for Internet, and a heating blanket I should be good to go.

The first leg of the trip I got beat up pretty good but I made it to Elizabeth City, NC. Still cold, but not like home for sure.

I brought along a large amount of supplies to keep the website running as I may need to make a few sales lol

I have a postage printer on board, lots of mailers, and water proof boxes to keep all the parts in perfect condition.

So far I have been able to make all shipments on the same day finding a mail box or post office a long the way. One order I did have to walk 2 miles there and back but I made it on time!

So if you order I will make sure your order is packed and shipped as usual. I am going to make a two day crossing leaving on Sunday and then I will be back in the intercostal waterway and it will be business as usual. If you order I will print a label with a tracking number and send you the info, please know I will make it to the post office to ship orders promptly.

Thank you all for the support and helping my website grow you all are awesome!