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Holiday Sale and Contest

I hope you all are getting ready for the holidays!
We are almost to the west coast of Florida.
It won’t be long and we will be joining the relief effort for the hurricane victims.
It’s been a long but fun and eventful trip to say the least.
I really appreciate all the sales while we have been Traviling, it helps more than you know.

So, with that said… I have started another contest!
Don’t miss out it only goes until Christmas.
Win a Vape kit in a zipper case with a refill bottle, charger and a 1.6 ml cartridge. To get in on the contest just hop on over to and click on the rewards tab.

Also I am putting on sale all the Mini CE3 colored pens.
If you are looking for yourself or a Christmas present now is the time while they are on sale. Limited quantities available.

Thanks again for all the support!